In cooperation with stakeholders in the community, the Fourth Judicial District Court has organized a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (“CJCC”) in accordance with the Crime Reduction Grant Act, NMSA 1978, Sections 31-28-1 through 31-28-6 (2019), and Supreme Court Order No. 16-8500 issued on October 26, 2016.

The CJCC’s primary mission is to work to improve the administration of criminal justice in the Fourth Judicial District. The CJCC will serve as a forum for identifying issues and their solutions, proposing actions, and facilitating cooperation that will improve public safety and criminal and juvenile justice services for victims and offenders. More specifically, the CJCC’s statutory responsibilities include:

  • reviewing the criminal justice system in the Fourth Judicial District, including judicial processes, law enforcement, community corrections alternatives and sufficiency of jail and detention facilities;
  • identifying criminal justice system problems in the Fourth Judicial District;
  • developing data-driven policies and evidence-based best practices designed to improve public safety outcomes, cost-effective responses to crime and fair and efficient adjudication processes;
  • applying as necessary to grant administration agencies for crime reduction grants pursuant to the Crime Reduction Grant Act;
  • facilitating the sharing of criminal justice information between agencies as permitted by law;
  • in consultation with the New Mexico sentencing commission, developing data-sharing agreements and methods of data sharing to allow system-wide analysis of criminal justice operations within the judicial district and throughout the state; and
  • developing a strategic plan to meet the requirements of the Crime Reduction Grant Act.

The public is encouraged to attend the Fourth Judicial District’s CJCC meetings.